A Dangerous Look at the God of the Bible

Stephen Altrogge is on a mission to dismantle our safe comfortable view of Jesus. The “nicely tanned, unblemished skin,” blue-eyed Jesus. Those pictures of Jesus and all that it brings us to believe about him, Altrogge argues, are false. Not only are they false they are irrelevant to people and are causing them to leave the church.

This book is a fun and dangerous journey to replace our false and often weak view of God with a biblical view of God. As Altrogge says, we need to take God out of the box that we have so neatly placed him in and worship him for who he truly is.

Altrogge (re)introduces us to a God who pursues whores, kills people, and most importantly saves his people from their sin.

Altrogge is an engaging and appropriately humorous author who tackles an important issue. The call to worship the God of the BIble for who he truly is much needed in our day. Too many people are worshipping a god they have created in their minds and we are reminded in this book that the God of the Bible is far more glorious than anything we could imagine.

I hope that those who read it will be stunned (maybe again) by this Untamable God and may he be glorified!


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